Carpets are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you may own. Rugs are perfect for sleeping, eating, and even sitting on. It may also be used for aesthetic purposes and used as a type of flooring for a room. These are amongst the many uses of a carpet. Although, to keep them at the best of quality carpet cleaning is important. That is one of the things you should bear in mind when getting a rug. There are many choices for carpets, and it will depend on the purpose of why you are getting it. Here are some of the types of rugs that you may choose from, for the full list you can click here.

Before explaining the different types of carpets, here are some of the words that may be foreign to you but are very common regarding carpets. The first word you should know about when it comes to rugs is warp. The warp is the foundation of the rug; it is what attaches the vertical yarn to the upper and bottom beam.

The second word that is commonly associated with carpets would be west. West, on the other hand, is the horizontal yarn passed through the rug, and these are the building blocks that make up the structure of the carpet. Another word that is commonly used for carpets is the pile. The pile is the thickness of the carpet from the base.

When buying a rug, there will be two options for you to choose from, the cut pile and the loop pile. First up would be the cut pile. Cut pile is the type carpet that has its fiber ends cut evenly. If you choose the cut pile, there are three options to choose from when you want a cut pile carpet. Saxony is one of the popular choices in the cut pile option because the close packed yarns allow for a smooth and dense surface that would be perfect for formal settings.

The textured selection, on the other hand, is less dense than the Saxony but still has a soft feel to it. The last choice for the cut pile is the frieze type of carpet which is most durable among the three. This kind of carpet is perfect for those that will experience a lot of foot traffic because of its twisted pile fiber.

Now onto the loop pile. The loop pile is the more durable option compared to the cut pile because the yarns are connected and fastened to the base of the carpet. For the loop pile option, there are only two possibilities to choose. The first is the Berber, which is a large uncut loop that varies in size and is made out of nylon, wool, or olefin. This is one of the most durable types of carpet out there and is highly stain resistant. Although this may not be suitable for a house with pets because their paws would probably get stuck in the weft of the carpet.

The second option is the level loop. Now, this type of carpet is more on the strong side as it is known to be stiff and hard but has a smooth feel and is easy to maintain. These are some of the carpets you would be picking from when buying a rug. Remember that when you buy any of these carpets, it is important to clean them every once in awhile to have them last long.